Friday, October 06, 2006

Running a Bus company! It's Hard Work.

I ran a bus & coach company (Beaumont Travel) for over 18 years. Its a stressful and often thankless task. Vehicle costs rose each year, insurance costs became obsurdly high (with only a few specialist insurance providers in the UK dominating the market) and getting decent drivers who knew:-

  • How to drive a £100k vehicle with care and consideration
  • How to present themselves professionally
  • How to be puntual and attentive
was becoming increasingly difficult.

On top of that, there was the often beaurocratic processes and procedures required when dealing with councils / government bodies to operate a schedule bus service.

Paperwork grew exponentially between 2000 and 2005, especially with regard to tendering for contracts or fillling in returns for Fuel Duty Rebate values.

All of this creates an environment where the small operator is being squeezed and the pressures of operating increase.

One of the ways that I chose to deal with this added complexity was to invest in IT at an early stage. This become my new business and something that I believe in passionately.

One of the things that I found as a small operator was the complete sense of lonliness with regard to being able to talk to other operators about best practices, new ways of doing business, new technologies to make life easier, changes in the law that affected my business and general HR issues when dealing with employees.

Its now my goal to assist, wherever I can, in helping other operators maximise their business opportunities / profits and make life more interesting & ultimately fun.



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