Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bus & Coach Reviews Site

I'm fed up with some of the trade press in our industry. It seems that finding an independent review of a product or service is nigh on impossible. When I was running my coach business I find I had to rely on those people I trusted around me or simply take a flier on a new product.

Now - It seems nothing has improved. So today I have announced a new site aimed specifically at the Bus & Coach industry to provide an independent and valuable resource for people in the business.

Bus & Coach Reviews.com (www.busandcoachreviews.com) is now in alpha testing and will be launched in March 2007.

It's going to be a FREE service for anyone interested in providing reviews or those who simply want to read reviews submitted by others.

I'll keep you informed of the progress being made.

Many Thanks

(www.travel-manager.co.uk & www.busandcoachreviews.com)

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