Sunday, February 11, 2007

Travel Manager goes Live!

GLOUCESTER, England – Feb. 6, 2007 – Travel congestion in the UK has become such a serious problem, government officials have continued to propose a radical idea called “road charging,” making drivers pay to use the pavement. With L.A.-style gridlock in England’s near-future, the option of traveling by bus or coach has become an extremely popular alternative.

Increased demand in the bus and coach industry has led to the creation of TravelManager, a state-of-the-art customer relationship management solution for the transportation industry. The innovative idea, developed by experts with more than 50 years of experience in the transportation industry, is a software solution that speaks directly to the needs of bus and coach operators.

“Traffic issues will force more and more citizens to look toward the bus and coach industry for their transportation needs,” said Mike Sadler, creator and CEO of TravelManager. “Our revolutionary technology is, by far, the one and only solution bus and coach operators will need to manage their business. It’s powerful, reliable and most of all, user-friendly.”

The cutting-edge web-based application uses the same technologies employed by Internet powerhouses Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. From the computer novice to the technologically savvy, TravelManager ( ) can be applied to any bus and coach company, streamlining time-consuming tasks into one efficient system. TravelManager focuses on improving productivity by providing one location to perform tasks such as vehicle and driver scheduling, garage management and scheduled maintenance.

With TravelManager, subscribers can also easily update customer records and seamlessly share files. No downloads, software, or financial commitments means new clients can take advantage of TravelManager within minutes of signing up. After reviewing TravelManager during a free 30-day trial, subscribers who register for just £25 per week receive every system tool, plus all upgrades, unlimited access, and free customer support and training.

Sadler’s 18 years in the bus and coach industry have been complimented by TravelManager’s senior technical architect, Alex Zang. A computer science scholar with more than a decade developing scalable web applications, Zang has helped create a system with 99.99% uptime, flawless backup capabilities, and rock-solid security.

“We wanted to give bus and coach operators the ability to create an extraordinary management tool without the exorbitant price tag,” said Sadler, who founded Gloucester-based Beaumont Travel and became one of the first in the bus and coach industry to incorporate technology-based services. “Having a first-rate Web-based system is not some passing fad. To be successful in this industry, every company must have a CRM solution that they can count on. We’re still in the infancy of Web-based technology, and TravelManager has taken it to the next level.”

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