Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bus & Coach Review Features

The Bus & Coach website is nearly code complete and as such will be entering the testing phase shortly, so now seems a great time to confirm the features that will be available from day 1.

You will:-

  • be able to log in and create themselves a FREE account.
  • be able to comment on products and see your comments live in real-time
  • be able to upload documents supporting your review of the product
  • be able to request new products be added to the system so that you can review them

Were looking at a launch date close to the end of March 2007.

Remember, Bus & Coach is an independent site for reviews on all things pertaining to the people transportation industry. If you want a product / service to be reviewed then simply enter it and review it yourself, so everyone else can see and gain knowledge on that product or service.

The more people that use the site the more valuable the information in their will become - so start providing feedback and take advantage of the collective knowledge we have in the industry.

Many Thanks


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