Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bus & Coach Live!

The Bus and Coach wesbite is now live!

We've spoken to over 100 bus and coach operators personally and over half have agreed to write a review about vehicles that they have purchased within the past year. As soon as they start coming in - we will post them up for everyone to see.

The Marketing campaign starts tomorrow - so we shall see if this site has the desired impact of allowing operators to see what other operators are saying about the actual vehicles they have purchased and are using on a daily basis.

We've already heard from some of you about the vehicles you have bought - such as the £150,000 coach which broke down on its first excursion and has been on and off the road for the first 2 weeks of its life.

Lets see if we can get manufacturers to take responsibility for their products and provide a better service to us all.



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