Saturday, April 21, 2007

Data Exchange

We are big believers that the data that you enter into TravelManager is your data and as such you shouldn't be locked into any one solution. We know there are plenty of solutions already where once entered you cannot get the data out again for love or money.

So we are developing a data exchange solution using a technique called Microformats which will allow you to get you data back out of TravelManager and into a number of other industry standard solutions which can be used in Excel or Word for example.

We are currently trialling this technology and will be looking to get this implemented within the next couple of months.

A big benefit of doing this is that you will be able to use your current email solution such as Outlook or Outlook express and share contact information with suppliers / partners who do not have a TravelManager account.

More importantly though, customers who visit you site that has been populated with TravelManager data (online quotes for example) will be able to grab your data and save it without having to type it in (anything that makes the customers life easier has got to be a good idea).

We think this is a very exciting development in the evolution of TravelManager and hope you find it useful.



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