Friday, November 09, 2007

Auto Scheduling - a proposal.

We have had a number of requests for auto scheduling. Where you enter in your timetables, vehicles and drivers and it auto creates the rosters for you.

This is a non trivial piece of development but one we are confident that we can deliver upon better than anything else on the market today and at considerably lower costs than anyone else is able to achieve.

However, it would mean us recruiting extra developers to assist in building this functionality as we believe if we try to do it with our current development capability it will slow down the progress we are making on the core functions of TravelManager.

Therefore we have come up with an innovative approach which we think helps all operators who require this type of functionality but don't want to spend tens of thousands on legacy software solutions that haven't' moved forward in the past 3 years and are a pain to use.

We believe the software to create auto scheduling will take approximately 6 months to develop and cost around £60k to build.

We are looking for 10 operators who are willing to share the costs of the development and get the solution for FREE when they subscribe to TravelManager for only £25 per month.

So they would need to be willing to put pay £6k for the auto scheduling software with a 50% deposit up front. We will then deliver the solution and expect the remaining 50% to be paid before full use is enabled.

The 10 operators get to input into the development phase right from the beginning and help us design the solution. ie. they get what they want first.

All other operators who wish to use the software have to pay the full rate which we anticipate being around £3k per annum plus the monthly subscription for the premium version of TravelManager (£50 per month).


The 10 operators pay £3k upfront, £3k on delivery and only £25 per month

All other operators pay £300 per month for the solution or £3,600 per annum.

Payback for the first 10 operators is less than 20 months and they have no additional costs (except the subscription to TravelManager of £25 per month) for as long as they are a subscriber.

We truly believe in taking a different approach to "normal" software development houses. Why? Because we feel everyone should be using software and making their business more productive and efficient. If we can help - we will :-)

If your interested in taking advantage of this proposal (We already have 4 companies interested so there are only 6 spaces left) or want more information - let me know as soon as possible.



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