Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Company Website

We are currently developing the functionality to create your own website automatically from the TravelManager solution. What does this mean?

Imagine only having to enter your information once and be able to use it many many times for different purposes.

For example:-

You could enter in the company contact information which gets included on your company quotes and invoices as well as published automatically on your website. So if you add a new telephone line to cope with demand you only have to enter in the information once and all the relevant areas are updated in real-time.

Imagine being able to upload all of the information about a tour (including photo's) and have that information including the availability and prices published on the website.

Easy! Click a button and its live!

All of this functionality will be available over the coming weeks and months. We expect the first phase to be in place within 2 weeks from today which will enable you to have a simple business card website which is high up in the search engines.

Watch this space!


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