Thursday, November 29, 2007

Customer Focus

We've said all along that we are customer focused. Now we have launched a new tool which we believe shows how customer focused we are.

We have launched the 1st phase of the "Customer Voting" solution. This enables you, the customer, to request and vote on the functionality that you would like to see implemented next.

Its a very simply tool to use. We listen to all of your feedback and requests and then add them to the list. You vote on them as and when you want. The more votes that a particular piece of functionality has then the more likely it is going to be developed sooner than later.

Likewise, if we have an item with a large negative score then its highly unlikely that we will develop that functionality (we may have to tweak the idea slightly to become more generic for example)

So whats it look like?

Here is the original list as uploaded today. Note everything currently has a score of zero.

When you vote for an item your vote is counted and either added or subracted from the current score (+1 for a "Yes Vote" and -1 for a "No Vote") - which then re-orders the list accordingly.

Voting is anonymous but you will be able to see the scores change in real time - as other customers vote for their favourite items.

So, please tell us what functionality you want so we can add it to the list and get others voting for your ideas and develop the good ones as quickly as possible.

We want to create the best product on the market today (and tomorrow) and we believe this is the most efficient and effective way of getting your ideas out of your heads and into development so you can benefit from them :-)




Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea..... How do we find the voting page :-)

Mike Sadler said...

We are currently populating the voting system with the feedback recieved to date and publishing them tomorrow morning.

You will find it under the "Help" section on the menu bar

Happy Voting :-)


Mike Sadler said...

This is now live and subscribers are now starting to vote :-)

Over the coming weeks and months we expect more of you guys voting for what you want developed and in what order.