Friday, November 09, 2007

Free Websites Part II

We now have the working prototype in place :-)

The "Website Creator" module now allows you to enter in some core information about your business, your services and any number of testimonials from customers. You can then choose a template for the look and feel of the website (currently have 2 templates but we will be adding many many more over the coming weeks and months) and then you press ONE button and voila its live!

Here is a screenshot of the working prototype. The templates and designs will invariably change but its just to give you a taster of where we are at.

You get your logo, a unique website address and all your information on it.

All of the information uses a new technology called micro formats which basically means the search engines will "know" more about your page and you without having to do a thing extra :-)

Some of the things we will be adding over the coming weeks are:-

  • Ability to upload photo's of your employees or vehicles
  • Ability to show your timetables
  • Ability to take quotes online
  • Ability for customers to contact you through a contact us form
  • More templates
  • and anything else you guys can think of.



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