Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Free Online Training

We seem to have a bit of confusion re: the Free Online Training we are offering.

Anyone who is interested in attending one of the FREE sessions is FREE to do so whenever they wish and on as many occasions as they wish - for FREE. However, there are only 10 places available per training session (on a first come first served basis) but they run twice every tuesday - once at 11am and once at 5:30pm. So if you miss out on one don't worry - put your name down for the next available slot asap.

Also, if we find that these times are unsuitable for you guys or we need to organise more slots then we will and they will still be FREE :-)

So just to be clear - we will never ever charge you for learning how to use TravelManager.

If you want to attend an online training session once a week for the next year then so be it - were here to help but I'm sure you'll soon get bored of my voice and dry humour :-)

We are already taking names for next weeks FREE sessions - so if you want to join one let me know - it wont cost you a penny apart from the telephone call :-)



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